Friday, April 17, 2009

long distance learning takes root in Kenya

Nowadays,most Kenyans are shelving their plans of going abroad to get top certifications from some of the renowned universities in the world.Thanks to the Internet and what is currently known as long distance learning.Currently,you can get your Bachelors and Master degree by enrolling yourself for online classes in a university of your own choice in the US,UK or Canada.

From Languages,arts to science degrees,it seems long distance online learning is gaining popularity day after day.US Universities and Colleges are leading the pack of those institutions which have established virtual classrooms online.They have several clients in Kenya and are getting much more by the day.Kenyans too like their programs because its said they are a bit cheaper than traveling to the US.

The other main reason why so many Kenyan are falling for log distance online training is that classes are flexible and you can take your classes at any time of the day much to your personal convenience.Universities like Harvard,Oxford and MIT have online portals which are so advanced making your interaction with your tutor much more easily ie you can ask your question and get them answered in Real time.

Long distance learning has also enabled those in the working class to keep their jobs as they are schooling.Apart from making their classes flexible,they can educate themselves using their own salaries rather than go overseas which is more expensive and the likelihood of loosing their jobs when they depart the country.

With the anticipation of landing of the optic fibre we expect much more Kenyans to take online distance courses and the rate of those going overseas for their higher education to reduce significantly