Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stopping Spam From Your Inbox

There is nothing disgusting like waking up one day and having your Gmail Account disabled because it cant hold the number of messages coming in.Having the correct Anti Spam software's and filters on your network can help you arrest spam messages and delete them automatically.
Anti Spam Software's work closely with mail provider companies to identify messages which are potential spam by checking on how far that message has spread on the Internet and the kind of Keywords contained in that message.
Most Spam originate from Western Africa Countries spreading scam although there is a white spam originating from developed countries like the US which purport to give out free coupons,TV's and Free and free Pay TV connection
Once a spam message has been arrested,it should either be deleted or sent to a spam folder inside your email box.ISP's also can block that user account if its suspected to be sending spam messages to their clients
There are several Anti spam Software's you can use to stop spam messages which you can download on the Internet today.Download and install them at your local machine.Thy will help you to arrest spam in your inbox