Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hague not a better option for Kenya

The most popular slang on most Kenyan streets today is the "Hague chorus".I just wonder how any right thinking man who loves his dear country can try to suggest that that is the only option which will gonna solve our problems.
If you gonna ask any literate man out there with passion for his country at heart he will rightfully tell you that all we need is a local tribunal which should come after the Truth,Justice and Reconciliation commission has been formed

I have my reservations why i am not backing the Hague
1.When Ruto tells you that Hague is the way to go,what comes into your mind?
a)That actually he almost sure that there wont be any prosecution
b)He know very there were no war crimes in Kenya,nor was there Genocide
c)Ocampo will have an uphill task to proof that actually we had the likes of Foday Sankoh,Charles Taylor and Jean Piere Bemba in Kenya

2.The moment,the Kenyan case goes to the Hague.....this two will happen:
a)Forget the magical Kenya dream campaign to lure tourists to Kenya which will result into job losses,poor country image,reduced investments and much more.The only guys who gonna enjoy themselves are the suspects.......because they gonna fatten......just like Charles Taylor
b)Rift Valley will be on fire again and so will be Nyanza,Coast and Kibera.More deaths and desperation

Note:if congolese rebel Laurent Nkunda wont be tried at the Hague due to what analysts say lack of evidence,which evidence is there to qualify any Kenyan to be tried at the Hague?
The best way for kenya is the local tribunal and the TJRC
Do you know how much it cost for Supper at the Hague