Friday, July 3, 2009

Kenyan Tourism gets a beat as Swine flu cases surge

Kenyan tourism industry has suffered a major blow since the first Swine Flu case was reported in the country.According to kenyan tourist board,Most hotels at the city of Mombasa are running at half bed capacity.Most insiders in the industry belief this is due to the ever increasing cases of Swine flu which are reported in the country.
This is the high season for the kenyan tourism industry and most hotels should be ruuning at full capacity.Swine Flu cases were first reported in Mexico but the flu has since spread to over 110 countries.

Kenya reported its first Sine case almost a fortnight ago but the number of new infection has been rising steadily.Hoteliers at the Kenyan coast of Mombasa have reported cancellations from their customers who had booked and its estimated
that millions of dollars have been lost.Kenya which gets most of its visitors from traditional tourist countries like Italy,Uk and Germany may be contemplating to look for New markets from the East.

For a long time Kenya's Tourism industry had hoped to crack on the American Market but these hopes were dashed three weeks ago when Delta Airlines cancelled their virginh flight to Nairobi at the last minute to what was termed as a security posed by the Al Shabaab Militia which is based in Mogadishu Somalias