Friday, October 2, 2009

Tips & Tricks On How to Get a Cheap Hotel in Kenya

So you are planning to go on vaction in kenya,or you are kenyan residing abroad abroad and may want to go to kenya to see your own people.Be aware,hotels in Kenya can be expensive for you if you don't know.You can a cheap hotel in kenya if you are patient and if you truly want to stay cheaply in kenya.Its simple to get a cheap hotel in kenya.The biggest catch is ....whom are you going to use to book you into that dream hotel of your in Kenya?

Be aware the a single room in any hotel in kenya cost differently differently depending on whom you are going to use to book to book you in.I like this hotel comparison tool
With is you can see who is quoting what price at a given hotel and be able to choose the one who quotes the least.All the best as you search for cheap hotels in kenya