Monday, May 17, 2010

10 Secrets on how To Fly Cheap and Convenient

Knowing the weaknesses of an opponent helps you to use their ignorance for your benefit. Airlines the world over have been doing just that as they know that booking a flight is sometimes just plain necessary. Let's turn the tables and beat them in their own game for a change. Here are 10 top secrets that airlines would never want their passengers to know.

The 10 secrets listed below are sure to make your flying experience a better one. From ways to get a cheaper deal to knowing your rights, these secrets will make you more aware and powerful.

Rule 240: A must know for all!

This rule states "that if an airline [can't] get you to your destination on time, it [is] required to put you on a competitor's flight if it would get you there faster than your original airline's next flight." Next time you are stuck up, don't hesitate to speak up and ask for your right.

Cheaper days

On some days of the week you will find tickets are cheaper that the rest. Find out which days equal the cheapest tickets before you plan your trip.

Buy consolidated

You can find some great international ticket deals if you buy from consolidators. For those who are not aware, these are companies that buy large quantities of tickets from major airlines at bulk prices. Then they resell these tickets to customers at attractive discounts.

Take flights from larger cities to save money

You can save money by scheduling your departure from a larger city because regional airports are usually priced higher. It's always better to drive to hub airports as this will also save you the hassle of making it on time to catch the connecting flight. This is especially helpful during international travel.

Get clarity on refund policies

This is something we tend to give a miss. By getting clarity about refund policy, you will know what to do in case airlines show reluctance in refunding ticket fare.

Plan your travel schedule to get cheaper flights

It pays to plan your travel schedule to save money wherever possible. In case your travel plan requires you to fly to several different cities, then arrange to always fly into the cheapest cities.

Check prices of destination airline

There is no harm in checking out. You might get a better deal by booking with your destination's airlines rather than your national carrier. But remember to calculate the exchange rate to ensure that you don't end up paying more!

Lesser-known airlines

A number of smaller and cheaper airlines have entered the airlines market. They offer efficient services and comfortable flights at much cheaper rates than many of the known international airlines.

First class seats at coach prices

Believe it or not, you may get your tickets up graded to first class. Find out the details from your travel agent.

Try booking tickets from agents or travel portals

Last but not the least you can get better deals and schedules through the services provided by travel agents or other sources, such as newspapers. Buying tickets directly from the airline can be expensive many a times.