Thursday, July 1, 2010

Importing Japanese used cars into Kenya

Kenya is one of the biggest markets for Japanese used vehicles exporters. Kenya is importing thousands of used vehicles, machineries, bikes & parts from Japan every year. All these used vehicles had been sold both to the dealers and direct users, moreover now some Japanese exporters also having their own agents in Kenya to sell their vehicles directly to the customers.

Due to this heavy import of Japanese used vehicles, Kenyan government had started controlling the import of Japanese used vehicles to avoid un-healthy vehicles to Kenya. They set up some rules and regulations, which the importer must follow to import any vehicle from Japan.

Importing rules set up by Kenya Bureau of Standards are as follows:

  1. It is mandatory that all used vehicles imported to Kenya must not be more than 8 years old from the first year of registration.
  2. All these used vehicles, which is imported to Kenya, must be a right hand drive (RHD) except for some special vehicles like ambulance & fire engines etc.
  3. All these imported used vehicles must undergo the inspection done by JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) before being shipped to Kenya. JEVIC is a well know company in Japan providing used vehicle’s roadworthiness certificate, which an importer must need when clearing the imported used car from the port of Mombassa. (To know more about JEVIC certification please visit)

How to avoid rejection of Imports Upon inspection For Quality?
The importer should inform his supplier of used vehicle about the requirements of the Kenya Standard(s) to import such item in to their country. They should enter an agreement with the exporter that if the product does not meet the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standard(s) when inspected at the port of entry in Kenya, it will be shipped back to the country of origin at the supplier’s cost.

Importers in Kenya can purchase Kenya Standards at the Kenya Bureau of Standards Head Office in Nairobi or at the KEBS Regional Offices in Mombassa, Kisumu and Eldoret.