Monday, October 18, 2010

UN Jobs in Kenya Attracting Thousands

There are many great jobs in East Africa but perhaps the jobs that are considered to be some of the most valuable are UN jobs in Kenya. The reason for this can be attributed to the prestige that comes along with working with the United Nations. The United Nations has set up base across several countries worldwide and so employees are given the opportunity to travel a lot in their career. One of the headquarters of the UN is in Nairobi, Kenya and so many Kenyans are eager to be part of the UN team.

One of the other reasons many people want to apply for UN jobs in Kenya is because the salary offered is much higher than other jobs in the region. Not only is the figure high, but it also comes with various perks such as cost of living allowance. This is very attractive especially for those who are qualified for positions within the organization yet are unable to sustain themselves due to unemployment. Other benefits include insurance cover, accommodation and annual leave entitlement. Payments are calculated in dollars or British Pounds as part of an international payment structure.

Other than monetary benefits, UN jobs in Kenya offer other benefits such as the opportunity to help the lives of those who desperately need humanitarian assistance. Not many jobs can provide the satisfaction that comes along with helping people living in poverty stricken areas such as Kibera, Garissa and Isiolo; where many people are plagued with hunger and malnutrition. UN workers are posted all over the country and get to provide healthcare, food and water; which are otherwise scarce. Those who love traveling and experiencing new cultures will love UN jobs in Kenya. The nation boasts over 40 tribes so there are several communities to interact with, thus employees get to learn different traditions, customs and languages.