Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Bachelors Degree-3 ways to pay for your education

With the current state of the world economy one thing is for certain: the days of getting a great job without a tertiary education is over. In modern America the minimum requirement for a job is now a high school diploma and although that could get you a job it probably won't be anything special. The job market is getting much more competitive and unless you have a degree you will always be on the back foot.

The overriding problem however is that a university education is getting more and more expensive. Nobody has a coupe of thousand bucks lying around when they leave school. If you are already working with a family then it can be even more challenging financially. So, what can you do? Here are two very real and very effective options.

1. Student Loan
While loans are expensive, a student loan can be the most economical way to borrow money. The interest is minimal and the repayments flexible. Most will only require you to start making payments when you do find a job after graduation which can be perfect.

2. Scholarship
Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes. They are basically financial incentives from companies and organizations that will pay your studies for you. In some cases you have to pay it back, in some cases you have to work it back while some situations will require and alternative "repayment" like playing football for a college.

3. Grants
Grants are like scholarships but the big difference is that you do not have to repay anything. These are financial "gifts" that are usually given by governments or institutions that are supporting specific causes. One such cause for instance is grants for people in ethnic minorities with the aim of promoting minority groups into more senior positions.