Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buying Black German Shepherd Puppies

Before you hop into that pet shop or visit the local breeder in hopes of bringing home those precious black German Shepherd puppies, you might first want to read more about what to take notice of when you're looking for that perfect dog.

The Real Deal with Puppy Mills

The reason why you should first arm yourself before buying black German Shepherd puppies is because of puppy mills. If you haven't heard of them, puppy mills are pet shops or even people who breed dogs for the sole purpose of selling them and the reason why they should be avoided, is because they seldom care about the puppies' welfare. Most of the time, dogs bought from Puppy Mills are sickly or are not cared for. There are also cases where the puppies come home with a disease with them, and chances of survival are very slim.

Red Flags Anyone?

The best way to avoid buying from puppy mills is to purchase a puppy from a credible, local club accredited breeder. If that option isn't available, we've prepared a list of red flags that you could look out for. If your chosen "breeder" has more than three of these red flags, then we suggest that you should run for your life and for you money.

Run like hell if:

1. The kennels are dirty and do not look sanitary enough for pet's welfare
2. Your breeder does not look as if he has taken care of his dogs
3. You do not feel any connection between the breeder and his pets
4. The breeder does not offer any contract or guarantee of some sort
5. The breeder avoids some of your questions
6. The breeder could not provide information about the sire and the dam
7. The breeder does not seem interested in their pet's welfare

A responsible and credible breeder would be seen by the words he speak. If he really knows what he's talking about, then there'd be no problem answering questions. All in all, follow the rule of thumb when looking for a breeder: If you don't feel comfortable, move on to the next!