Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy way to defeat Breast Cancer

Females are more likely to get diagnosed with the disease than male, one out of 14 women shows symptoms of breast cancer. However males are too diagnosed with this type of cancer but the ratio is low compared to females.

Here we will discuss How one should keep this deadly disease away by following just 10 simple breast cancer tips.

Monitor your weight

Overweight impacts the entire body and invites many life threatening diseases. Obesity is responsible to increase the risk of breast cancer. Reduce the daily intake of food rich in fat and cholesterol. Maintain your body mass index under the guidelines of and expert dietitian.

Eat healthy to stay healthy

Plan a diet rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are rich source. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates in daily meals if you consider your health to be important.

Stay physically fit and active

Exercise is the best way to lead a healthy life. Only merely a simple half an hour walk in the morning or evening will make a difference. Exercise doesn't mean to go in a gym and lift heavy bars, but moderate exercise can reduce the risk up to 20 percent.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol not only increases the risk factor but also results in severe heart diseases. An absolute cut off from the alcohol drinking habit will add to the treatment measures that an individual is following.

Stop Smoking

Females with smoking habits are at a higher risk to develop the symptoms of breast cancer along with chronic lungs and heart problems.

Breast feeding the baby

Women feeding their babies for more than an year or two are less prone to develop the signs and symptoms. The breast milk feeding tradition is practised more in Asian countries for example we can say India.

Regular Health checkups

Medical examination under experts supervision detects the early symptoms of breast cancer if they are present. If these signs and symptoms are detected in initial stages they can be evacuated as soon as possible.

Family history

If an individual is having family members with history of breast cancer than it becomes must for him or her to consult an expert whether the disease has infected the body or not.

Self examination

Have a look over the shape and size of your breast. Clear watery discharge many times along with blood tends to be the on set of the disease. Hence regular self examination is crucial if you suspect and difference in breast.

Healing Therapies and treatments

Practice relaxation techniques to calm your body and mind. Along with moderate exercise do meditation and yoga to strengthen your immune system. If you believe the fact, these natural healing therapies have shown satisfactory results in many cases. Healthy mind maintains the body health and induces to cultivate a positive attitude towards life which is very important in these conditions.