Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kenyan Website Hosting is Clumsy

Finding a web hosting in Kenya took me more than days. I should say it took me weeks. I started off with some local providers like the Africa online and Kenya web. But soon found that the Bandwidth I required was not provided. I also came to know that some of my friends and clients in the America were not able to see my website due to the Bandwidth limits. After a lot of procrastination, I came to the conclusion that I should use a provider who is global and not a local provider. At the end of the day it does not matter where I host my website as long as every one around can access it.

So what's all about the Web hosting in Kenya which makes it so bad?

  1. Poor infrastructure.
  2. Very bad customer service
  3. Poor Turn Around time
  4. Google Hardly recognizes my website.
That was enough to tell me that I had to move forward with a decent web hosting provider. But who can give me a decent hosting for a limited budget? I had to pick some Funny Indian company which would probably rip my money off and not provide anything.

I tried a few, some went off the Roof. It was worse than that of Kenya. It was nearly when I gave up that I found a decent web hosting company. The rates they gave were quite decent and payment was accepted through credit cards. Service was Excellent. And for a money back guarantee, I was taking the risk of not losing anything at all.

It worked at last. Today, Kenyan Hosting companies charge a bomb of money for hosting and I get it at a fraction of the amount. 99% up time and much more than anything the Kenyan local company can provide. So why go for a web hosting company in Kenya. Shoot out for someone who will charge you lesser and will of course be worth your while and money.