Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Quality Apartments in London

One of the toughest tasks for anyone coming to London for the first time is where he can find a cheap serviced apartment where he can put on.Its like getting an apartment here in London
nowadays is as expensive as it used to be in New York.
For you to get an apartment in Central in London,you have to be ready to part with hundred's of Sterling pounds which of coz will earn you a serviced apartment with luxury you may require ie broadband Internet
When my friend was here on last October,he was forced to take a two bed roomed Apartment at Bay water for a whooping Ksh 130,000 Per Month.
Just what should you do in order to get an affordable cheap and serviced apartment here London?
  1. Always never be in a hurry to book an apartment before looking around to find if there are any good alternatives
  2. Its advisable to get somebody who is experienced and even use booking agents to find an apartment for you.This will save you time and loss of your money
  3. Its good also to check for an added value to your apartment which you intend to put at.IE check for things like Broadband Internet and un-disrupted water supply
  4. Check also for the time frame which the owner takes to do some minor serving at the apartments.Some may give you an apartment and never mind about when they will come to do some servicing
I hope these tips will help you next time when you will be looking for an apartment here in London