Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to repay your Helb loan easily in kenya

Unknown to many Kenyon's is that the"Free" loans given to them by the Higher Education Loans Board will at one time come to haunt them.Student loans can make you live a desperate life especially if you don't know how gonna pay them
Many Kenyon's especially the youngster who have left college recently don't what is termed commonly in the western world what is commonly known as student loans consolidation programs.......although many will be posturing around as graduates who carry Bachelors in several business courses.
This is how Student loan consolidation can work for you if you are in Kenya
1.If you have finished your college recently and you were lucky that you got a job somewhere immediately,then you are on the right track to repay your loans
2.If i were you at this moment,i will certainly approach my banker and request for a soft loan which can cover all HELB loan.I will immediately handover the cash to HELB and say bye to them.I belief Ksh.600,000 will do
3.Approach your banker once more,tell him that you want to repay your loan at the shortest time possible.Saying this to them ...they will end up being enticed and being soft on you.Give them a half of your salary for at least six months before you knock at them once more
4.This time round as for a more vigorous loan.Repay the current remaining loan balance and use the rest to start yourself a small business venture.Doing this you could have set yourself for a more smooth ride
5.Having done this,you could have consolidated your debts.Agree on a soft percentage you will be paying to your banker,improve your small business and the ride of your life i in Kenya will be smooth forever