Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kenyan lawyers can Be Tricksters

There is nothing disturbing like being defrauded by somebody whom you believed can assist you get what is rightfully yours.There has been numerous complaints from the public that Kenyan lawyers have been stealing from them unknowingly.
has been occasioned because we have several backstreet 'lawyers' who want to make a quick buck from their clients.Most affected are those seeking insurance claims from several insurance companies around the city ie Nairobi.
Today we have complied a list of five lawyers who have proofed to work to their clients aspiration.We have not heard any public complaint about these lawyers and we believe that their services are genuine and you can engage them in your future dealings without any fear of conning you

1.Jesse Kariuki and Company Advocates
Cell: +254-721-552643
2.J.M.Waiganjo and Company Advocates
Cell: +254-722-303 779
3.Ahmednasir Abdikadir & Co. Advocates
Phone: +254 20 2217886
4.H M Ongeri & Associates
Phone: 952-697-3690
5.Kabiru & Co. Advocates Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: 254-020-221903