Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The rot at UN Offices In Nairobi.KENYA

So you had applied for a job at the Nairobi's UN Offices... or at least your company is seeking for a tender to renovate some buildings or supply some vegetables or meat to the offices.There is one thing you are not wont be getting that tender or job soon because of a web of cartels that have been operating at the United Nation's Gigiri Offices in Nairobi.

Personally i have encountered the cartels on several occasions in a bid to have my company supply the offices with Laptops.There is one person whom i cannot name here who works under UNEP's IT Department.This guy told me that in order to get a tender of supplying the offices with Laptops,i should use somebody who is well connected at management level.To make matters worse,he told me that i had to part with $ 1000 as good will in order to get the tender....of coz when i refused,i have never had any tender with these guys sice then.

The same is happening in their recruitment section.If you don't know anybody working at the offices...your application to the offices may as well termed as an exercise in futility.Although getting a job at any UN office worldwide requires that you must have a degree,at the Gigiri offices i know several people sitting in high offices with mere Diplomas.With this happening with full knowledge of the United Nations Management Council in New York,then we dont expect any fairness in any of the dealings with the UN.No wonder why Former UNEP Director was demoted under very unclear circumstances