Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best E-Commerce Websites In Kenya

Today am just bored and dont have a good plan for my day.Yesterday i received an Email from one of my readers asking me to cover on some of the best designed E-commerce Websites used by Kenyan's.I have been looking at some of those websites since morning ie the quality of the domain name,where the website is hosted and who actually designed the website.These are the top three Ecommerce websites in Kenya
Very sleek with a unique design.Contains all features which you can only expect to find at Amazon or Ebay.Gives customers User Accounts,Shopping History with upto three Addresses where your goods can be delivered to.Used by Kenyan's abroad especially by those who come from Nyanza Province.The Website is hosted at Secure Servers n the USA and is designed by a Kenyan from Nairobi only Known as Okari.We believe this is number:+254728243885.It does well with search engines and ranked number 2 on Google Page rank.

Though very well designed,it takes some time to load.Caters for Kenyan's especially those in Europe.One thing or feature which caught my attention is that you cn send money by MPESA to your kin in Kenya from anywhre on the globe.The site is hosted in the USA and they dont mention the guy who designed it.

Actually this website is the oldest in Kenya's Ecommerce market.Though it seemed they lacked focus at one point,they have some following who shop through them.Well ranked in Google but i think they should redisgn it to create a brand of its own.
Do you of any which might be better than these?Hit my comment link