Monday, April 13, 2009

Mombasa,Kenya Encounters

Some people who visit the coastal town of Mombasa usually don't know how to get maximum pleasure and luxury at low cost at this port city.From cheap Hotels at the coastal City to renting of used cars and having maximum at beach cottages,you must be smart to navigate your pleasure on this town.
Though many say that its easier to go into Mombasa than coming out of it...the saying may be true because we have heard many cases of use of hard drugs and cheap sex at the coastal beaches.You must be careful on this otherwise you will be drowned by the same.
South Coast is dominated by luxury Villas and Hotels facing the Indian Ocean.The area is less populated and is common to foreign tourists led by Italians.There is a number of renowned Hotels Hotels in this region led by Alliance Hotel group.The only problem with this area is that its perceived to be the area reserved for the elite class of the society
I like the North Coast because here you get a chance to interact with the community,learn their culture and even taste the famous Mnazi.Malindi is one of this region.From Malindi you can easily visit Vasco Dagama Pillar and the Fort Jesus.The area is dominated by Italians who also happen to own much property here
Mombasa is very humid hence you can walk out at night an have some fun at beaches like Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach.Life in Mombasa town isn't that expensive because with only $20 you can have a decent meal in a serene environment.