Friday, April 10, 2009

Delta Airlines threatens to cancel the Kenyan deal

Kenya is in doubt whether the much anticipated virgin flight which was to be made by Delta Airlines early in June will be there.According to insiders at the PM office and at the American Embassy in Nairobi,Delta Airlines may be forced to cancel the deal which could have made it the first airline to operate directly from their hub in Atlanta to Nairobi via Dakar in Senegal.
Citing frustrations about Jomo Kenyatta International Airport security arrangements,George Muhoho is again on the spotlight over his failure to fulfill requirements proposed by the American Government on the security provison at the JKIA.
Cancelling the deal will cost Kenya dearly as it would have enabled tourists and other passengers to get direct flights from Nairobi to major cities in the US via Delta Airlines hub in Atlanta.This would have boosted our ailing tourism hence leading to growth of our economy.

If at all the virgin flight will not materialise on June 2,then all of us will have to direct our anger to one and only George Muhoho for letting the country down.For many of us who are foes to him and who feel the man should have been retired,it will indeed confirm our fears that the man could nolonger govern the affairs of our international airport.