Sunday, April 12, 2009

Most profitable business oportunities in kenya

If there is one challenging thing when you are ready to start a small business here in Kenya is where,when and how profitable the business will be.Starting a small business is not an easy thing.From legislation by authorities to finding the required capital,this means that you must be be smart for you to hit the right target.

The important thing though is that you must be well versed with the kind of business you want to indulge in.In Kenya,there is money.....but getting the right connections is all what you need in order to succeed.

Lets consider some of the small businesses you can give a hand
1.Import Business
The pros will tell you that this is the best business so far which you can start and succeed easily.Kenyan's are looking unto India,China and Dubai for import of Electronics,Clothes and even used Computers.If you have capital,try this....but be well educated about the taxation at the Port Of Mombasa ie how KRA taxes on all imported goods.Getting the right brokers will also boost your business

2.Kenya's ICT Industry
If you have interest with computers,Kenya is yearning for your business.From cyber cafes,repair shops,BPO's,manpower training-there is great potential in this industry in Kenya

3.The Matatu Idustry
Though loosing flavour nowadays,this industry still performs well.All you need is second hand vans from japan and Dubai and you are set to go.If you move your vehicles away from Nairobi and Central Kenya region,the more it will perform.There are crooks in these regions who are waiting for your vehicle on the road to help them make a living through illegal taxation.

4.Nairobi Stock Exchange
Commonly known as the lace for the haves,currently even the little mama mboga can venture into this business of selling and buying shares.All you need is information about minute to minute happenings at the NSE.Buy when shares have dipped low then sell them when they appreciated in value