Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hillary Clinton Must get Tough on Kenyan Politicians

Stakes are high in Kenya as United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to make her virgin trip to the country.As many Kenyan's who are waiting for her anxiously as they belief she may save the day after US President skipped Kenya on his African Visit,there is a group of men and women in Nairobi who wish that she shouldn't have come soon.

Kenyan Politicians have become a mess in the way they are handling the affairs of common kenyan's who have been hurt by poverty and diseases.They keep politicking day in day out as massess continue to suffer.With the issue of how to handle the post elections violence suspects hitting hard on Kenyan politicians,none of the should be spared including President Kibaki and Hon.Raila Odinga.

The US Secretary of State should come tough with hard hitting questions to the two premiers now that they have chosen the soft landing grounds by forming the Truth Justice and reconciliation commission to handle prosecutions against the wishes of many Kenyan's who belief that justice will only come from the Hague.

Mrs.Hillary Rodham Clinton has the obligation to put Kenyan politicians on the notice if indeed she will becoming to make Kenya a better friend of America.Kenyan Politicians are behaving as if they hold the breath and lives of millions of Kenyan's just because they have managed to hold masses of wealth which in most cases is gotten through corruption.

The AGOA summit should be used as the best platform to warn African leaders to be careful and truthful when handling Government affairs and decisions especially the justice systems so that everybody whom they govern should feel satisfied on decisions they make which should be to everybody's best intrest