Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Fly cheap on Kenya Airways

Mostly reffered as the Pride of Africa,KQ a.k.a Kenya Airways is a dream airline for anybody who want to fly comfortably to any part of Africa.Kenya Airways currently flies to over 34 destinations across the world and many more with the help of sky team members which include KLM and others on code sharing agreement.
In Kenya, its cheap to fly to Kenya Airways especially if you book through travel agents in Nairobi
and Mombassa.For you to fly cheaply on Kenya Airways cheaply to Africa,Asia,Middle east and some cities in Europe,you must be keen on whom you will use as your booking agent.Remember this is an airline refered by many as the Pride of Africa hence its seats are on high demand.If you are not keen you may end up being exploited.
This is how you may land on one of the cheapest seats on Kenya Airways if you are patient.Compare prices as quoted by different Kenya Airways booking agents on different routes it plies.Different agents quote different prices hence you must be keen to to get the best deal possible.There are different tools which can help you to simplify your work.Among is this one
I hope it will help you to simplify your work.Thanks and enjoy your safari on kenya airways