Monday, November 9, 2009

The Burst Of Small Business In Kenya

Do you plan to start your own small business in Kenya?Kenya is currently experiencing a busrt of small business.This is evident as profit margins in the existing small business have been reducing year in year out.This according to Kenya's small business association
To confirm this further,most people who had initially aspired to establish small business in kenya have diverted their investment into young economies like Uganda,Rwanda and South Sudan
If you are planning to start your business in Kenya,You must be aware of two or three things.The short term rewards will be minimal if any,competition is above board and your success will depend on how best you have networked
Well armed business individuals have found the sailing easy,but starters will have to work hard.Intimidation is evident from big players an on this you can bear me witnes on the circus between EABL and Keroche Beer Manufaturers.
The support from government on small business developm is very minimal if any hence you must be prepared to sail on Your own.Get prepared for good or worst