Saturday, November 28, 2009

Raila- The Enigma of Kenyan Wealth

Raila,A man of stature in Kenyan Political scene is businessman estimated to worthy anything between 4.5 Billion Shillings to 5 Billion Kenya shillings.Raila holds an empire of businesses ranging from lucrative petroleum industry,manufaturing and currently in ICT.
Raila who has deep links to the family of Sheikh Abdukeder AlBakari, one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia with interests in petroleum drilling, petroleum exploration and export in the Middle East, Asia, USA and Africa,has managed to out do
other famous Kenyan business moguls who include,Simeon Nyachae,Nicholas Biwott and Chris Kirubi.
In the Petroleum industry,through his contacts in Saudi Arabia,he imports vast amounts of Petroleum though his company Pan African Petroleum Limited which is then sold locally and in Uganda.
Its also said that he enjoys good relationship with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who even went a head to sponsor his campaigns in last General elections to a tune of 210 Million shillings.
Raila also is the biggest partner of Spectre International Ltd which deals in Molases processing in Kisumu.A valuation done on the plant in the year 2007 placed the plant to be worthy 7 Billion
In the Kenyan Political arena,one can say that Raila has outdone most of his detractors in business hence whoever who will challenge him should be prepared to challenge Raila's grip of wealth

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