Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ministry Of education Scholarships--Whats your tribe?

Do you want to study abroad but you lack resources to finance your education there? the Kenyan Ministry of Education may help you find a scholarship.But wait first,what is your tribe?
This is question that troubles many Kenyans seeking Scholarships administered by the Ministry of education in Kenya.Getting an educational scholarship in Kenya is a nightmare.Not that you don't have the right qualifications,but your tribe has no powerful representation at Jogoo House.
I am a big fan of Mars Group Kenya,and this quote gave a reason where i came to reality that getting a scholarship from the Ministry of education is no easy jobs
Appointments for positions in his ministry or institutions that fall under it went mainly to his cronies or tribesmen, including all his former partners at law. The Ministry of Education has also been in the spotlight not just because the top seven or so positions were being held by individuals from one region, which happened primarily because the appointing authority was from the region in question, but also because of recent complaints that issuance of scholarships in the ministry has taken a patently tribal angle.

This is what happens when you apply for a scholarship at Jogoo House.
  • All applications are received and sorted out according to required accreditation's of the scholarship
  • A team is formed to investigate each case on needy basis and recommend names to the big bosses
  • The big bosses will go behind the teams recommendation and award the scholarship to their tribesmen
The probability of getting a scholarship from the ministry increases if your name sounds to be for someone originating from some tribe in Nyanza and central provinces.
Otherwise you will keep applying for these scholarships for the rest of your life.hings need to change at the ministry to ensure that favouritism does not take place and only qualified and needy individuals benefit from these Scholarships