Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kenyans ready to embrace Ecommerce--Dont be left Out

The fiber optic is here finally,though prices have not come down,we can smile because the connection speed has improved drastically.If i can ask you,what does this mean to you?Are you ready to start minting money online by being innovative?

Having an idea is one thing,and implementing it is another issue altogether.I recommend that you should think of owning a website and start selling worldwide to anybody connected to the Internet.

Let me discuss a little about domain names and web hosting in this context.For you to run a successful online website,consider having your own domain name which is easy to remember and very short.

This can help you especially when your website is being optimized by search engines ie Google.Your customers Will also benefit because they can type your domain easily and access your website without struggle.they can also help you marketing your business to their friends if your domain name is easy to remember.

I recommend hosting your website in Kenya if your main clientale is in Kenya as this will make it to be quickly accessible by your customers.But if you sell to the rest of the world,Try hosting your website in the United states.

If you need help in setting your web business,hosting and registering your domain name,just email me and i will help you out.I can also assist you to design your website.My email is: wemi @