Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top 5 Business Tips For Any Kenyan Enterprenuer

Agree or disagree with me,You have the right to comment at the end of this tips post.So you have always wanted to start some small business in Kenya! Just what business idea did you have?
I am listing my top five small business ideas which i have seen working for some of my friends.

Xclusive Kenyan Report-Top 5 Business Ideas in 2010
  1. Fish business---if you want to be rich within few months,this business will work for you perfectly.You only need to get the right connections ie suppliers
  2. Matatu Business---In Nairobi and central provinces,i say a big no.Otherwise it well if you are outside the Mungiki Zones
  3. Printing Paper Business--Get the right connections from Dubai.Liaise with local companies,import in bulk and be rich
  4. In the name of God--If you can preach,give this a shot.Many have tried and became successful.
  5. Mobile Phones--Not that lucrative but those cheap ones do sell perfectly

So whats your idea?lets share...leave a comment