Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stopping Snoring Problems

For those who still think snoring is a small issue and don't pay more attention to it. In this article I intend to expose you briefly to some effects, causes and tips to stop snoring. I hope you gain as much as you expect to from this article.

Snoring has often times been mistaken as only a nuisance and has no serious medical or other impacts whatsoever apart from not allowing our partners and room mates to have a good sleep. But this is untrue of snoring, snoring causes drowsiness during work hours, lack of focus, and in severe cases it leads to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a very crucial sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea is a temporary stoppage of the breathing due to the blockage of airways as in snoring, except that it is more severe. Sleep apnea victims could wake up in the middle of the night, struggling for oxygen. This affects how the person sleeps and the amount of sleep he or she gets. This often makes victims wake up with head aches, causing undue fatigue, making them irritable, have headaches upon waking, have a dry mouth and throat and unable to focus on important tasks during the daytime.

Before making any attempts to cure or stop snoring, it is important that we try to find out what actually caused the snoring so that we know what steps to actually take in fighting snoring. Some causes of snoring are actually very common among us and are not even regarded as problems. It is wise we start dealing with these issues today. A few causes of snoring are stated below and some tips to stop snoring are given together with them. Be careful not to over look any tip given as some are very simple but very effective in stopping snoring.

The type meal you eat before sleeping - this contributes to snoring at night. If you eat heavy foods or foods with a very high fat content at night before sleeping, you have higher chances of snoring compared to a person who eats a light meal and plenty of fruits before going to bed. You should consider reviewing your food intake especially at night but make sure you eat healthy and good food before going to bed.

Overweight Or Obesity- this can also cause snoring at night as an increase in fats deposits in all parts of the body causes an increase in pressure and this often causes obstruction in air passage. Consistent exercise and an increase in the intake of foods containing a good percentage of fiber will be very useful in this situation. A small decrease in body weight like 20% can greatly reduce snoring and help you have a good sleep.

Social Habits - certain habits like alcohol intake and smoking causes snoring as certain chemicals are being taken in which causes a relaxation of the throat muscles causing an obstruction in the alcohol intake. A drastic reduction of the aforementioned habits would contribute a great deal to the reduction of snoring.