Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Choosing Night Gowns For Women

Every woman likes to feel sexy at times of her own choosing, and those times are not exclusively when she is in the first flush of youth, yet many stores seem to believe that the only women looking for sexy underwear are the very thin or the very young. Since average size in America is now deemed to be plus size by manufacturers, you might imagine that the majority of items would be available in plus size, but no. When they are, well, sometimes we wonder why they bothered?

So called sexy plus size nightgowns are all too often short transparent rags made from cheap fabric in garish colors. There are times when that can be a good thing, but there are other times when it really just doesn't make the grade. Yes, every woman soon learns that a mans idea of sexy is often her idea of sleazy, that when she want to be a star, he'd rather have a slut; but life, especially married life, is full of compromise. So why is it that the so called sexy plus size nightgown is so often something that would appeal to a man, but not to a woman?

The problem seems to lie in expectation. Many women find their ability to enjoy sex increases with age, as do their measurements. Perhaps it's just because they get to know themselves better with the years. They often become less inhibited as they get older and will enjoy the process of being a slut for the night, or even two. But while sex is really not something to be taken too seriously, there should be give and take. What about a woman's need for romance?

Transparent nightgowns are not romantic. No-one ever waited for a vampires kiss in cheap transparent nylon, and why would the hero tear it off, if he could already see right though it? There's no real way to tease in cheap chiffon and if you ask most women their idea of romance, it won't involve sleaze. Chances are there'll be a warm fire, good wine and possibly a fur rug in there somewhere, a moonlit walk, the soft sound of waves, or the hot rhythmic beat of a summer rainstorm. Champagne and strawberries and don't forget chocolate.

Sexy nightgowns for women, plus size or not should be luxurious and allow her to show her best features. Full length nightgowns give a feeling of sophistication and elegance which can be an enormous turn on and when they fit well will show off major assets, while skimming over any major liabilities. Long shapely legs look best when peeing from the slit at the side of a silk, lace trimmed gown, and eyes glow perfectly when echoed in the silk of the nightgown.

The English language makes a distinction between sex and romance. Women can get by without romance, but for most the link with sex is far too powerful to ignore. The best sexy plus size nightgowns are romantic plus size nightgowns, beautiful and mysterious, just like the women who wear them.