Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 20 Richest People in Kenya

I’ve always said that it’s very hard to ascertain the source of wealth of many people in Kenya. For some, I can understand why they’d not want to talk about it, but for those who claim to have made their money honestly, why not talk about it? It’s the one thing I admire about entrepreneurs in the west: they’ll tell you how they did it and what it took; they’ll give speeches, they’ll write books, they’ll teach classes, etc, etc. Even the newly minted Indian entrepreneurs are beginning to do this. Why not Africans? we hide the money under our beds and guard it with pangas. Why?

The Thieves Politicians:
Moi & family ($1.2 billion)
Kenyatta’s ($400 million)
Nyachae ($900 million)
Biwott ($700 million)
Saitoti ($100 million)
Kibaki ($ 100 million)
Michuki ($100 million)
*Awori ($5 million; how much can you really make selling bricks? & I also don’t think Awori stole. or did he?)
Chris Kirubi ($10 million)
Manu Chandaria ($10 million)
Naushad Merali ($10 million)
Kuguru Foods ($2 million)

Jimnah Mbaru ($5 million)
James Mwangi ($2 million)
Who else?