Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 Most profitable Home businesses

One of the most important steps in becoming successful is by finding a home business that can actually reward you for your efforts. The Internet is filled with tons of opportunities but unfortunately, most of them do not payout much in income.

The 6 Most Profitable Home Businesses are:

1- Top Tier Direct Sales:
The compensation plans are very lucrative, they have the best training and they have the power to be a real life changer. These types of business models are usually more expensive to join than MLM but the price reflects the potential.

2- Wealth Education Products:
There is not enough financial education being taught in schools. They only teach you how to get good grades and a good job. The main problem is that your banker that wants to lend you money for that dream house or car doesn't care about good grades. The banker only cares about your financial portfolio. Most think that not having enough money is the cause of most problems.
It is not the lack of funds that is the real problem; it is the lack of having a low financial IQ. We are going through one of the worst recessions in history and the people with the lowest financial IQ's are the ones who will suffer the most. The people with the highest IQ's are the ones who are going to prosper. Financial education products are very valuable because they will teach you how to earn more money and then in turn how to invest it right in order to have it working hard for you.

3- Travel Industry:
The travel industry is a trillion dollar industry. It is a very attractive and exciting type of business. Almost everyone we know goes on vacations somehow in spite of their financial positions every year. This type of business idea is booming. There are certain things in life that the masses will cut out in order to get through difficult financial times, but for most people, this is not one of them.

4- Personal Development:
We all need to work on ourselves daily in order to grow as human being in life. If you are trying to become more abundant, then you will have to first grow on the outside before prosperity can grow on the inside. Personal development is one of the main ingredients to be able to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

5- Telecommunications:
This type of business is always booming with or without recession. Everyone and their grandmothers are sporting blackberries nowadays. As human beings, we are social in nature and benefit by learning a great deal from each other. Telecommunication is always a good business idea because it keeps us connected.

6- Marketing Products:
In the days of the gold rush, the only people that made money were the people selling the picks and shovels. We are now in the Internet gold rush and the clever marketers selling all of the business building materials and information products are the ones making the bulk of the money.