Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Men.Stop Playing Hard to win her

If it feels like you try too hard to try to win a woman's love, then you know what? You probably do. Most guys will end up trying way too hard to win over a woman, and when it does not happen, they are confused. They think that they did everything right, that they were the "perfect" guy, and they don't know why it did not work. The problem is, that they were just trying too hard. It needs to seem effortless and easy, and it really can when you know what you are doing.

Here are some tips on how to win a woman's love the right way:

1. Instead of trying to impress her, you need to try to connect with her.

Most guys will waste a LOT of energy on trying to impress a woman. They will say and do things to try and build themselves up as being the perfect guy, and then, they cannot really live up to it even if they tried. Instead of wasting your time with all of that, you need to focus on trying to connect with her. When a woman feels a connection with a guy that she does not feel with anyone else, it is inevitable that she will start to feel like she is falling in love.

2. Women fall in love with guys that are not so self conscious.

When you appear to be too self conscious, which will happen if you are trying too hard, you give off the vibe that maybe you are not on the same level as her. Whatever you do, you never want to make it seem like the woman is on a higher level than you are. You are equal to her, no matter how sweet she is, how hot she is, it does not matter. This is important, because if she gets the vibe that you are not on her level, she will find a guy who is.

3. You need to know how to make her feel like she wants you.

When a woman wants a guy, nothing will come in the way of her being ready to see him. You could call her up and ask her to meet you in 15 minutes and she would. This is the kind of feeling that you want to create if you want to have her fall in love with you. Do this, and you will be able to win her over pretty easily.