Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why some people beat Cancer while others Dont

Those who survive cancer have strong desire to carry on, despite all odds. They have the desire to live. They acquire a craving for life, and a lot of things add up to influence someone's outcome.

Nutrition: The quality of food we consume goes a long way in making possible a person's recovery. How do you explain a situation one eats junk food and you expect that person to withstand the onslaught of cancer.

Stress Reduction: One's willingness to make lifestyle changes and to reduce the levels of stress both internal and external is important for beating cancer if one has deficient social support and high level of stress, the internal balance of the body becomes easily dislodged and the resistance to disease becomes seriously compromised. One's reaction to the hassles of life can lead to one having an infection or one remaining symptom free.

Drive and commitment: One's drive to get well and commitment to get well is vital to one's recovery. You need to guide against negative opinions of others from affecting your recovery. They should be no double mind about your recovery. Don't mix with negative people, the person with the challenge of beating cancer need to mix with people that are positive in outlook.

Do not be A Passive Patient: You needn't just do all you are told. Try to question everything and if you happen not to like anything, ask questions. Anything that will make you happy just do it. Anything that will bring you joy, love or laughter better indulge in it.

Those who survive cancer ask questions. They read books, listen to tapes and search through the internet looking for solutions in the end they discover something that works for them. They are desirous of trying anything and they are convinced that medical profession does not have solution to their problems.

You need to fully participate in your treatment by making your own choices. You need to be informed, so as to be empowered and prepared to challenge opinions.

We are in a global village, thanks to the internet, there is so much information available on how to obtain good health and vitality using nutrition to combat myriads of conditions, all you need to do is do your own research, ask questions, challenge whatever you are not comfortable with do your own due diligent search, do not take my work, not even your doctor. Try to know how others did it, many survivors has beat cancer while going against the dictate of medical tradition, you too.

For the seek of emphasis try to find out by reading books related to cancer to discover how others defeated cancer.

May the almighty give you wisdom to understand this things.