Monday, October 18, 2010

Kenya Airways and Qantas sign Deal

Kenya Airways, the rising star of African continent, one of Africa’s best airlines and the award winner in many services – has announced its code share flights with Qantas Airline, the top Australian airline. This new agreement will allow Kenya airways to spread its wings till Australian continent and vice versa for Qantas. The expansion is likely to enhance not only the revenue and reputation but also the strong hold of Kenya Airways in future of “travel world”.

Kenya-Qantas code share agreement signed today will make a bonding between Australia’s premier airline and Africa’s pride carrier. The union is welcomed and applauded by travelers and agencies worldwide.

Under this agreement, Kenya Airways will operate code share flights on daily basis with Qantas services between Bangkok and Sydney, while Qantas will code share on daily flights with Kenya Airways services between Bangkok and Nairobi. This way, travelers from one corner of the world to another will be able to get both ‘quality service’ and ‘affordable rates’.