Friday, October 19, 2012

Debt Settlement - How It Is The Best Solution

Debt settlement is not a fresh concept though many people consider it to be one. During the economic downturns in the past, credit consumers had carried out debt reduction negotiation with creditors to get rid of debt.
However, the number of credit default cases has been increasing for the past few years. And, so has been the popularity of debt settlement. Today, there are three main debt settlement strategies that debtors can use:
  • Do-it-yourself settlement
  • Settlement with an attorney
  • Debt Settlement services offered by the professional companies
The process of settlement has its advocates as well as adversaries. The latter group of people consists of those who are ignorant about the short-term and long-term benefits of settling your debts.Let's have a look at the advantages of settling ones debts and information on how its disadvantages can be weeded out.
Why Creditors Agree for Settlement?
There are two main reasons that usually tempt creditors to settle the debts. These are:
  • Settlement programs are better debt solutions than bankruptcy. A creditor loses all the credit money if a debtor declares bankruptcy. On the other hand, settlement allows the creditor to recover a significant part of the money possessed by the debtor.
  • Settlement has an advantage over debt consolidation. When a debt is settled, the creditor receives a lump sum of money in one go. On the other hand, the consolidated debt is paid in installments and there are chances for the debtor to default again on the monthly payments.
As the creditors agree to settlement easily, it provides benefit to the debtor as well.Why Debtor Should Agree for Settlement?
A debtor should readily agree for settlement for the following two reasons:
  • Settlement helps a debtor save huge money. Negotiations with a creditor can lead to lowering of debt payment up to 50 percent. Debt consolidation on the other hand requires the debtor to pay the entire money.
  • When a debt is settled, it is paid off faster than other debt solutions. This enables the debtor to quickly bring financial stability in his life.
Effect on Credit ScoreUndoubtedly, settlement adversely affects the debtor's credit score. But, it is indeed possible to bounce back faster than doing the credit repair after bankruptcy. Temporarily acquired credit damage is better than paying monthly payments through debt consolidation.
Debt settlement has the support of organizations like the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives and the Association of Settlement Companies. With so many advantages offered by settlement, what you should think next is about the best debt settlement strategies.