Friday, October 19, 2012

Studying for a bachelor degree in UK

Why should you pursue a bachelor degree education? The answer is that you may have access to a wider variety of employment in an increasingly competitive job market.
There is strong demand for bachelor degree qualifications and statistics indicate that recruiters prefer bachelor degree holders as they possess required skills like good communication, analytical and research as well as report-writing skills. Moreover, they are self-motivators who work well under pressure.
The most compelling reason for you to pursue an undergraduate degree is career advancement due to increased marketability. Many graduates also find themselves stuck in their careers and by taking up new skills and areas of expertise, they are able to move up the career ladder with relative ease.
Most employers do understand how difficult it is to obtain an undergraduate qualification and tend to look upon these graduates as people who have overcome significant barriers. They also view them as dynamic self-starters who will be an asset to any organization.
So, if you want to obtain an undergraduate qualification, what exactly do you do? The most important thing to do is think carefully about what you want to get out of it. This will depend on your interests, experiences and long-term ambitions. Get as much advices and assistance as possible.
The UK is a preferred destination for a bachelor degree studies due to the quality and reputation of its institutions of higher education, which are assessed and monitored by external agencies like the Quality Assurance Agency and the Research Assessment Exercise.
The main attraction of UK undergraduate studies is cost effectiveness, as most degrees can be completed within 3-4 years, unlike the 5 years required in other countries. This means cost savings in terms of tuition fees and living expenses as well as faster re-entry into the job market.
An added advantage is the fact that international students in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week during the academic period and full time during the holidays. All international students studying in the UK on a full time basis for six months or more automatically qualify for free healthcare through the National Health Service.
Close links with industry also mean that students in the UK have access to the latest cutting-edge research that shapes the world as you know it today. Be it in the field of science or finance, the UK is in the forefront of many industry developments and students in the UK have an edge over their peers as they are often taught by industry movers and shakers.
That's not all, in addition to attaining a world-renowned and highly sought-after qualification, you also gain personal enrichment and development as the country is an amalgam of experiences waiting to be discovered